Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

Tuesday Night South

Do u have a GPX file for this ride?

Can you please post the route for this ride?

Brenda Fischer President

I created and attached the route that is planned for tonight around 1:50 PM 6/26/18. If you downloaded something earlier, it is not the route that Matt plans for tonight. Feel free to spread the word to friends that would want the GPX file. Thanks, Brenda.

For anyone that may find them useful, I've uploaded .fit files for most of the Tuesday night rides out of Hamburg. I currently have 15 of them. Load these on your Garmin and you should be covered for the ride chosen by the ride leader. You will need a Ride With GPS account (free) to download the .fit files.[user_id]=1603955

Update to above post: It appears you actually need a paid subscription to Ride With GPS to download .fit files. However, you can download the .tcx or .gpx files with a "starter" account (free). These files should still work for navigation purposes.

I would like .GPX files for Tues nights.

Is there a file for theb12 mile ride out if Hamburg tonight? Not into using paper turn by turn sheets.

Here is route for 6/25/19:


Route for 7/2/19: